Online Resources from the New Kadampa Tradition March 2020

Many useful resources are available online from the New Kadampa Tradition. Here’s a few to bookmark and investigate:

Main website of the New Kadampa Tradition
The main site for the New Kadampa Tradition, including recent news, announcements about upcoming events and festivals, short videos from recent events, short introductions to Buddhist topics and an useful glossary of Buddhist terms. Click here

A favourite, for example, is a recent video excerpt from the Nordic Dharma Festival 2020 with Gen-la Thubten, We are not islands

New Daily Newsletter from the New Kadampa Tradition
Stay connected with a daily email newsletter, or a weekly digest of current events and announcements. Click here

Tharpa Publications
Ebooks, MP3 downloadable files, print books and resources. Try the free downloadable ebooks Modern Buddhism and How to Transform Your Life and many other resources to accompany our meditation classes. Click here