Study Programs

The New Kadampa Tradition's function is to teach pure buddhadharma as it was taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and later the great Je Tsongkhapa. In its effort to maintain this goal, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso designed three spiritual programs for the systematic study and practice of these teachings.

The purpose of this study is threefold:

  • the development of wisdom and insight into ultimate truth and the nature of reality
  • the development of a good selfless heart and disposition - necessary for harmonious co-existence with other living beings, and
  • the development of a peaceful state of mind which frees us from suffering.

In an informal and friendly atmosphere, these three programs varying from basic introductory classes to meditation and teachings to advanced philosophical courses and teacher training are offered:

General Program - introductory meditation classes and teachings suitable for everyone

Foundation Program - systematic study program to complement our daily spiritual practice

Due to the nature and accessibility of Buddha's teachings, in select centres an additional program is offered to teach children how to meditate and understand basic dharma principles:

Children's Program - unique and wonderful classes on selected Saturdays. Contact the centre for more information.

In addition to regular evening classes, the Centre conducts retreats, workshops and outreach throughout Toronto and southern Ontario. Clear and practical, these programs offer a perfect method to integrate Buddhist teachings into daily life. See special events to learn more.