Supporting the Centre

Atisha Buddhist Centre is a registered Canadian charity maintained and run by the local community members, the people who attend our courses and classes.
Atisha Buddhist Centre is home to a spiritual community; young and old, lay and ordained, living and working harmoniously together and striving to put Buddha’s teachings into practice in our daily lives.

The Centre is supported by the kindness of volunteers. Members of the community volunteer their time to provide all of the facilities which the Centre offers, including a full range of Buddhist study and meditation programs throughout the year. These range from short general program classes to week long meditation retreats and large national festivals.
By dedicating time performing virtuous activities for the community, and helping to make Dharma flourish, we are creating the causes to have a peaceful and happy life.
We always need help, both skilled and unskilled, to maintain and run our Centre. If you have a couple of hours to spare we always appreciate your help! If you have any particular skills you can offer, please contact us.

Supporting the Centre

You can help us establish a strong financial basis, essential for being able to continue with our work, by making an one-time or monthly donation by clicking "donate" below.